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Eep Break


Our Story.

From Venezuela to Australia

Our Story...This is how we left beautiful Venezuela & how we arrived in amazing Australia. It took a few years and our small family sail boat was the place we called home. There where stretches of weeks at a time between destinations, where we wouldn't see any land on the horizon, only the HUGE blue ocean, so you could imagine how amazing it was when we landed on the shores of all the different places.

We met amazing people who showed us their way of life, who taught us their way of preparing food, feeding their families and surviving ‍‍‍ saw some incredible & remote places accessible only by boat & surfed some epic waves which we had all to ourselves (a bit different to surfing on the Gold Coast ) It definitely wasn't always smooth sailing, it was a LOOOOOOOOONG, slow & AMAZING journey, the route was always changing just like the weather, where we had not much but each other, we learnt a lot about a lot not to mention how to fish & be creative with the limited amount of food we had and it sure was great to finally reach this amazing country Australia where life has changed quite a bit!

Our Menu

Homemade South American Eats, just like mama use to

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Journey Further

South of the Boarder!

Home of The "Taco Burger"!

Fiery Deli is the home of the 'Taco Burger'! aka the 'Arepa' which is exactly that; a cross between a Taco & a Burger found on every street corner of Venezuela. Filled with a choice of Succulent Free Range Pulled meats with Avocado Lime Salsa as well as delicious vegan options Fiery Deli's south american street food has something for everyone!

El Plato Table
Taco & Sangria


The Fiery Deli Food Truck

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Located At 'The Kitchens' in Robina Town Center & Chermside in Brisbane

Gold Coast [Robina Town Center]

'The Kitchens' Robina Town Centre
19 Robina Town Centre, Robina QLD 4230

(07) 55 620 627

Mon: 11am–3pm
Tues: 11am–3pm | 5pm-8:30pm
Wed: 11am–3pm
Thur - Fri: 11am–3pm | 5pm-8:30pm
Sat: 11am–9pm
Sun: 11am–3pm


Delivered to your door, find us on deliveroo & Ubereats!

Goldcoast [Robina]


Goldcoast [Robina]

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